Credit Artist Paula Kuitenbrouwer

floating undisturbed

upon the tranquil waters

a duck travels home

-a travelling haiku

my friend is travelling back to the US. It’s been a while since he was in his homeland.

when I wrote this haiku i had to stop and ponder between the word ‘turbulent’ or ‘tranquil’. what will…



lost in the machine

i don’t know when it started

i’m so exhausted

-a recovery haiku

lately i’ve been getting lost in exhaustion. its winter here in melbourne. the branches are exposing their vulnerable joints. they look bare without their ornamental leaves.

and as i write, even my thoughts become…



you, on the other

if I fold the world in half

will you show yourself?

-emergent haiku

been mulling abit over how we connect with others. what is our destiny to connect? can we connect if you don’t show up or I don’t show up?

perhaps these efforts to fold time and space like a sheet of paper — connects us across sides but if you’re not on that other side, what is really emerging?



the supernova

a spark of love from nowhere

…to eternity

-a love haiku

the core collapse supernovae are exploding stars. right before these stars disappear from the galaxy, they shine ever so brightly and with this energy — signifying the end of their lives and also the beginning of new…



I long for nothing

Yet a deep longing exists

Primordial truth

-beyond the surface haiku

how strange that every expression, every shape no matter what it is – is itself a thing, a form.

even if I say it is not a thing — it is by virtue a wave…



the sound of wet wet

played by the summer rain

a drunken hair song

-this is my hair wet wet haiku

intense thunder, rain and hail happened in melbourne today! after a bout of hot summer days (averaging 11 days greater than 35 degrees), i ran frantically outside to place…



for every heart

unfolds ten thousand stories

hold gently each one

-trauma informed haiku

a reminder to myself on days where my ‘imperial ambitious’ get out of hand — i humble myself encountering the delicate existence of each living being, including my own.



in this life of ours

whose tears are flooding these eyes

a boundless ocean

-boundless haiku

for those times in our transient lives when we ‘willingly’ come to our senses. we realise our character and our emptiness within a boundless heart. aka ocean.



Lovely Lan

Lovely Lan

A return to the heart centre I have travelled a great distance to get here The dream of my life has been dreamed from eternity